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Mark Twain hat es mit seinem Zitat wunderbar auf den Punkt gebracht: „Mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören ist kinderleicht. Ich habe es schon hundertmal geschafft“.


Only 3% of smokers can quit smoking permanently on their own...

Smoking cessation is one of the major fields, hypnosis has been successfully applied for decades. After about 10 years of non-smoking, the body has completely regenerated and all health problems have been overcome!

The healing process begins immediately after the last cigarette. Only about 3% of all smokers manage to stop smoking permanently on their own. Acupuncture, nicotine patches, guidebooks or pills are mostly used in vain...
Tobacco addiction is an internationally recognized disease that is treated by Alexander Seiler in Hanover!


After 10 years of non-smoking, your body will be completely regenerated from smoking.

As for other addictions, your own motivation for success will be necessary for smoking cessation. As a hypnotist, I cannot "hypnotise" cigarettes away from you. But I can eliminate the reason of your addiction to them.

If you really want to quit smoking now, I will be happy to help you become a real non-smoker within one appointment, and not an irritated, craving ex-smoker who just isn't practicing any more.

For your support  you get internalized that e.g. a sib of water can satisfy you like a draught from a cigarette.

If possible you should not smoke on the day prior to your appointment!