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I worked with managers at:

  • Rossmann GmbH

  • Volkswagen AG

  • Karstadt AG

  • Arbeitsagentur

  • Continental AG

  • Bosch GmbH

  • DB AG

Individual practical training for managers

No time-intensive study of papers, strategies and books. Training on the job is confidential, fast and highly effective.

What are the benefits of the Coaching? 

For any investment made there is a cost/benefit relation.

In the field of management coaching the positive impact can be measured in the long term, mainly, Primarily reflected in soft skills such as, for example:

  • encouraged self-confidence,

  • improved resilience,

  • discharge of conflicts

  • attachment

  • high regard

  • commitment creating a better work atmosphere

  • increase of motivation and effectiveness

  • less sick leaves

  • Burnout prevention

The aforementioned changes will be multiplicated automatically, because employees will learn from this management pattern.